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Cut & Blow-dry      

Cameron 70

Senior Stylists 67

Clipper haircut (men's cut or ultra short women's cut)      45            

Bang trim                                       10                                     


Blowdry                                         43                 


Retouch*                                         71

Full head/Roots & Ends**              100+               


Bleaching - retouch*                        125

Full head bleaching***                  Short Hair 250+    Chin Length 300+    Long Hair 350-450+        

Hi-lights - partial/full                        110-175+                     

Ombre/Balayage/Lived in Colour****      225-300+    

Colour Change/Correction******      Please call to book a consultation

Olaplex                                              35-50

Other info
If you don't know what colour service you require please DO NOT book online, please call us.
The time it takes to perform our services will always vary and depends on many factors, especially for colour services. Make sure to let us know in advance if you have any time constraints on the day of your appointment.
Please give us 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. Deposits for colour services can be refunded if at least 48 hours notice is given for cancelling. 
All colours come with a complementary rough-dry from an assistant, if you would like to have a full blow-dry after a colour service please request to be booked in accordingly.
*A colour/bleach retouch is up to 1/2" or 4-6 weeks of root/regrowth.
**Full head colour is one solid colour from roots to end. Pricing for this service will vary a little (typically by $10-$30) based on how long or thick your hair is.
***Full head bleaching is lightening all of your hair. This service is only for hair that has no colour in it (otherwise known as virgin hair). It can usually be done on hair that has been hilighted but Olaplex would need to be used in order to preserve the integrity of the hair. A consultation is always necessary before this service as well as a $100 deposit to reserve an appointment. This service requires approximately 4-8 hours.
****Please email us current photos of your hair and a few photos of what you would like to achieve if you are having a major colour change or a Balayage/Ombre/Lived in Colour service to help us prepare for your visit. Typically this service will take from 3 - 5 hours on the first visit. We recommend booking your appointment on a day where you have no time constraints to avoid adding stress for you or our team. A $100 deposit is required needed to reserve a spot.
***** If you have colour in your hair already and you are looking to change it up. Most likely you need some corrective work done. Its best to come in for a free consultation.  A $100 reservation fee will be needed to reserve the colour appointment.
 Call us to book a complimentary consultation.